These are goals I'm trying to achieve along with some that I've already completed. It's like an ever-growing bucket list. It goes back quite a few years. Faded goals haven't been uploaded yet, and a tick next to a goal indicates it's complete. Goals are sorted ascending by date set and date completed combined.

1st November 2016
Finish Learning Mandarin
12th July 2016
Complete an MBA
29th April 2016
Learn Japanese and Go To Japan
2nd July 2014
Become a Senior Engineer
15th June 2016
Run Action for Happiness Course
1st November 2003
Finish Learning German
9th July 1999
Learn French
13th October 2014
Write An Electro-Ambient Track
30th September 2007
Learn Italian
2nd July 2004
Learn Spanish
4th October 1998
Learn to Play Grade 8 Piano